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ASHA FM is a creative collective based in London.


Our aim is to explore new forms of artistic expression, bringing to life creations at the intersections of human culture, storytelling, visual art, music, and artificial intelligence.


ASHA FM is an all-access community-led creative hub. It aims to provide a welcoming space where everyone is invited to pursue and amplify their creative journeys using their own and ASHA’s resources.


A space to collaborate and publish the fruits.

ASHA FM has a community network where collaborators can discuss, share, meet and work on their creative projects with others.

ASHA FM also has a dedicated hand-built website with a signature AI-inspired visual identity, as well as social media channels. Project(s) will be exhibited here to be shared with the world, and we will also host events in London.


ASHA FM hopes to empower grassroots initiatives and provide a space for individuals and communities to share their stories and ideas.


If you are interested in running a project, all we ask for is an authentic proposal - the artistic form can be any you choose.

We believe in using our knowledge and resources to make a positive difference in society. This is most viable when resources and energy are put together as ASHA is setting out to do. Sharing our mission with your network and inviting others into the community will increase the resources available and range of backgrounds and interests, and keep the circle of positive change flowing.


ASHA FM leverages AI technology to generate audio-reactive visual art.

DJ's, producers and visual artists can showcase their music in an immersive way, bringing their creations to life. Our custom built deep learning models create visuals that synchronise with the beat of the music, delivering an engaging experience for listeners. 




ASHA FM boasts a powerful sound system hand-built by one of its co-founders, and the expertise to set up and run it, as well as lighting, network, technical equipment (decks, mics, etc), support, and enthusiasm. Though from a musical background, we are interested in a wide variety of creative projects, such as film, poetry, and more.



Scientist by profession, Madhaav also wears the hat of a chief procrastinator. He runs a sound system and finds immense joy in indulging in delicious sandwiches.


A nomadic data scientist and creative visionary, draws inspiration from the vast ocean, embracing the unifying power of art and music to transcend borders and cultures through her unique expression.


A data scientist and blues guitarist, he embraces the boundless possibilities of merging art with artificial intelligence, exploring new creative avenues and pushing the limits of music and technology fusion.


A DJ, sociology fanatic and professional raver, She's also data scientist at ASHA FM, blending all three passions through a lens of infinite possibility.


aka Zenrei is a rapper, poet and producer from the north-west who explores identity, grief and language through the art of hip-hop.

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